October 3rd, 2019, 9:00am to 3:00pm
Bell Memorial Union, Chico State University, Chico, CA

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2019 Manufacturing Expo Event Information

Find out about tours, classes, and the dozens of manufacturers available at the 2019 Expo!

Breakout Sessions

A number of breakout sessions will be available at the 2019 Manufacturing Expo. Breakout sessions are free and available to students and the general public.


Lab Tours

An exciting new lab tour is being offered at the 2019 Manufacturing Expo! Students will be able to tour 5 different labs within the college of engineering.



Dozens of manufacturers will be attending the 2019 Manufacturing Expo, and the manufacturers will be available to interact with students and the general public.

2019 Breakout Sessions

NEW! Breakout 1:   Building A Competitive Race Car For College Competition: Fun and engaging, the Baja & Formula One clubs of Chico State will show what it takes to build a competitive race car.

NEW! Breakout 2: The Paper Table Game: Students will explore the principals of structural integrity as they learn how the weight of a book can be supported simply by two pieces of paper and tape. It’s fun and it’s interactive as students compete to see who can build their table first!

NEW! Breakout 3: How The Art And Design Of Robots Is Changing The Way We Make Things: In this engaging session, participants will explore the intersection of art and engineering – where form and function meet to make everyday items. Whether it’s a spider robot to enable mobile 3D printing or a smart production system to grow green leafy plants, robots are redefining how we create products.

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2019 Student Tours

These 1 hour and 30 minute tours allow students to explore multiple labs within the college of engineering.

Plastics lab:  Students will explore the molding of plastics, and biodegradable plastics to make flying disks, bags, bottles, flying pigeons, and rods.

Robotics lab: Students will watch industrial robots at work and learn how they work.

Wind Tunnel & Solar Panel lab:  Students will see a 170 mph wind tunnel at work in the design of aeronautics and learn how solar panels capture the suns energy and convert to electricity.

Virtual Reality & Applied Graphics: Learn how virtual reality is used with the simulation of human movement.

Computer Machining Center: Students will programming in action as robot parts and molds for plastics are created through a metal cutting machine.

Baja & Formula Car Centers:  Students will see the connection between their engineering and design efforts in high school and the opportunity to build race cars for competition in college.

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