2020 GMI Expo COVID-19 Update

A virtual expo will take place during the week of September 28th.

It’s often said that necessity is the mother of invention, and that’s certainly the case with our annual GMI Expo. Instead of canceling the annual in-person Expo due to the current health crisis, we are moving forward with the creation of a virtual event. The most important thing is we’re coming together to highlight to our future workforce, the importance of manufacturing to our regional economy. Now more than ever, we need to support our teachers and students. GMI is committed to providing quality and engaging resources for the community and the manufacturing expo event will be just that.

The event will take place during the week of September 28th, in celebration of our National Manufacturing Day on October 2nd.

Additional Details:

GMI will feature pre-filmed and edited tours of local manufacturing facilities during the week of September 28th. Since National Manufacturing Day is October 2nd, this is an excellent way for companies to participate in the national celebration without the safety risk of inviting the community to your facilities. We’ll be producing videos of local companies that highlight product design through production, and the careers that make it all happen. We are excited for you to join us and learn more about our incredible local manufacturers and career opportunities.